New job/Changes

At the beginning of April, I decide to completely revamp my business approach.  Without giving too many details away (since you could be a competitor of I decided to focus on the long-term of everything instead of focusing only on short-term sales.  In short, I decided to pick up a full-time job and a part-time employee which will allow me to progress.  The full-time job allows me to have consistent capital as owning a business isn’t consistent especially in the beginning phase.  In order to minimize anxiety each month with respect to making bills and what-not, I had to change to this approach which was way different than my previous approach.  My initial approach had more old school dynamics where I went door-to-door and met people at their jobs or random places.  I tried this for about 9-10 months but it was extremely unsuccessful the last 4 of those months.   Anyways, if something is broke-It is my job to fix it and move forward.  It is my job to learn, adapt and cultivate new strategies.

I pick up a job with a former client of mine who only did about 3 or so sessions with me.  I love the job right now.  I am a CDL Class B driver and I handle various deliveries here and there throughout the day.  It’s a shred company and we do secure document destruction, recycling, storage and much more!  What I like most about this job is it has an entrepreneurial feel to it.  The truck you use for the day is like having your own office where you can eat, organize your list or make important calls to customers.  You can also listen to music or podcasts that help you focus since you are going to be alone 10-12 hours per day 5 days a week.  I enjoy being alone and in my own thoughts so it’s the perfect job for me.  Also, it is an extremely high-paced job so the day starts and ends very quickly.  My fear initially was that I was going to hate working for other people because I always did in the past but since I have gotten older and matured, I only focus on my goals and the things I hate don’t matter because I don’t give it attention.

In summary, I am really enjoying this job and in conjunction with my personal plans of down-sizing and getting rid of some unnecessary luxuries, I am expecting to invest in great things for my gym and I hope it connects with people on a large scale.

Thanks for reading!

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