What I have come to realize is positive adaptation and changes to one’s life comes from thinking about what you are doing.  It’s great to have action but actually thinking about how to make progress will set you apart.

Me-I to be more internal than external in my expression which causes me to be in my head most days.  I’m usually thinking about my job, business, finances, family or future.    My mind just constantly rotates those main things over the course of the day.   In my estimation is when people think about what they are doing instead of just doing it without considering results or consequence, they put themselves in the most optimal position they can be in which allows them to progress.

As an example (because I can explain better giving stories-get used to it!lol)

As a business owner you have to have the fundamental skill of understanding and increasing your income.  This may be considered shallow analysis to some but this is accurate.   I didn’t think of this in the beginning which may have caused some delay in my development as a business owner.   Although I am thinking of this late, I’m able to put my family in a great position since I am not just continuing the same habits.  
I ran into financial opposition…made adjustments and I’ll keep moving forward for certain.  This is why we are getting rid of a lot of expenses and we plan on doing many other things as well to help us progress.

I can give you other stories about how taking some time to think, meditate and evaluate is beneficial but you probably already understand.

Take some time to reflect on what you are doing correct and what you are doing wrong.  This is critical to progress towards what you are doing.
For me-I am evaluating my business life, my weight loss goal and family life.  I’m constantly checking myself to see if I’m doing what is necessary to succeed in those areas of my life.   If I’m doing what’s necessary, my goals will manifest from the work I have done.

What do you guys need to think about that you haven’t already?

Thanks for reading!


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