Recovery between days and between workouts is critical for your overall health success. For my job we are moving for about 10-12 hours straight. What is usually sore at the end of each day is my knees, feet and sometimes my back. Each day has its own set of challenges to overcome at as an employee I must rise to the occasion.  
In order to recover adequately between days and still maintain consistent weight-lifting regimens I soak my feet, ice my knees, foam roll and exchange massages with my wife. This allows me to maximize my preparation for the next day and be as effective as possible.

The name of the game is to feel good as much as possible. There is no reason to be lethargic when you can be AWESOME! I think the way you feel shouldn’t be neglected. Focus on your health, recovery and get good sleep (which aids your recovery) and you will be on the path to a great health life.

And if you don’t want too-I will

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