Do what is necessary!

Sorry I haven’t posted in sometime. I need to be better about making blog posts. We are in the middle of downsizing because we have goals we are striving for. We feel we are doing what is necessary in order to succeed. Without getting too specific, from a business stand-point, the gym would benefit from more capital in order to get things I want for the gym. From a personal life standpoint, we want to have more for trips/vacations or whatever.  
Before we lived in our 1100 square foot apartment we lived in a 700 square foot apartment. The main reason we moved is we wanted more space but now that we have experienced having more space, the cost sacrifice isn’t worth it so we are drawing back. We also got rid of my cellphone (because I have a work cellphone) and internet (because we can download Netflix shows by using my gym’s internet) in order to move forward toward our goals.
We should be moved out of our old place by July 12th and our new place should be ready July 7th. I’m extremely excited for this transition and this new journey is something I’m definitely looking forward too.

In life, gym or whatever you have to do what is necessary or you won’t accomplish what you want.  I am slowly realizing that is the case with business for certain!!!  It is also definitely the case when choosing a health goal.  You can’t lose weight without the necessary diet and workouts that are going to lead you in that direction.   Don’t want a goal and sit on the sidelines, go for what you want!

What about you guys? Are you willing to do what’s necessary-what are your current goals that you have set it front of you?
I’d like to know-please comment or message me!:)
Have an awesome Friday!


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