Thank God for Monday’s 

It’s Monday!  Another day to be great!
Thank God it’s Monday.
I enjoy Monday’s because i enjoy going back to work. In both of my forms of employment I look at working as a privilege and an amazing opportunity. Some people don’t have the necessary gratitude that is appropriate for life in my opinion. Sometimes if I’ll hug my wife out of the blue so she knows I appreciate her. I typically say thank you to most things that I consider a favor. I want to be a person who took advantage of every moment in life, not a person who let moments pass them by. I want and desire greatness in my job, business, health and whatever comes to mind.
I want to encourage you guys not only be thankful but be appreciative because it’s not only good for your own psyche but for the psyche of the person you are thanking.
This mentality can connect with your own goals in weight loss as well. Some people can lose weight 1lb and be ungrateful that it’s 3. Being thankful is the key to happiness which is 100% internal anyways.  

I’ve read books that said count all your blessings each morning or count 3 of your blessings every morning. Having awareness of what you have is very important so don’t take it for granted!


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