Working out during sickness

I’m not sure what exactly caused it but right now I am in the middle of a cold that’s causing my nose to be runny, have a slight headache and feel overall week. What I typically do during this time is workout or go to a sauna to help me sweat out my sickness. I also drink water since it helps with all bodily functions. Today I will also have soup to feel better.  
I think the important thing is to know your limits. Usually people end up doing one of two extremes during this time they aren’t feeling the best. They either stay at home and do nothing which isn’t good because their body isn’t getting fresh air which means they are just staying in the midst of germs that are circulating. The other extreme is people workout hard while feeling bad and they end up feeling disappointed that all their strength is down.  

You have to simply listen to your body during this time and having awareness will allow you to handle the situation with ease. There are better ways to handle illness and there are worse obviously but the main point is every body is different so you just listen to yours.
Ps:  after getting lots of water and good sleep, I feel a lot better!


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