Blog: Over the past week or so my family has been working on on moving into our new place. During this time I have not had a chance to really work out. If you have ever moved before you realize moving is no easy task at all. You are constantly lifting upstairs downstairs packing and all of the random things that is required in a move. Lately I haven’t been getting the best of sleep either but somehow someway I still make it to work and do my job the best I can. Today at work I was hurting a little bit because I felt myself getting sleepy and dosing off at my job which causes me to be less effective than if I were awake. Today I decided to be more committed to getting good sleep during the week as not getting enough sleep could negatively affect my work performance. I have also grown more empathetic to people who say they are busy or occupy their time with other things that are more necessary in life such as paying bills, feeding your family or doing normal tasks that just have to be done in general. I’ve also grown more empathetic to people who say they are too tired to work out. That is a very real thing that needs to be addressed day in and day out. We must understand where we are physically and mentally in the order to move forward or we will get caught up in other people’s goals and ideas who have different lives than us. Long story short-I think it’s important to just focus on ourselves and get better each and every day. I feel it’s important to improve and uplift our weaknesses but not to be ashamed of where we are at because we all have to start somewhere. The only time we should be ashamed of ourselves as if we are not giving it our best effort. Me developing a better understanding of other people situations allows me to communicate better from where I’m at to where they are and to where they want to be. I believe change starts in the mind so I am going to mentally decide to get better sleep today tonight and I’ll tell you about it tomorrow morning! What do you guys plan on doing better at work or outside of work today? Leave me a message or comment and I’ll join the discussion, thanks for reading!


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