Transition Forward 

I believe there are many things in life that most people including myself dwell on for way too long. Most of us will beat ourselves up over failures we can’t change as opposed to focusing on the present or even the future that has not been written yet. Just because you weren’t good at school for example does not mean you’re not gonna be good at life because they are definitely not connected. Just because your family was poor or unsuccessful relative to your definition of success, does not mean you will also be that way. I think it’s important to understand who you were in order to have a baseline which will give you a reference point of how far you have come by I don’t think it is worth just sitting at home doing nothing dwelling on your failures. I know when I fail sometimes I can beat myself up for hours and even sometimes days. In my estimation and I believe it is unhealthy to dwell on failures for that long because it inhibits your progress which will not allow you to grow as a person. I feel that in order to get better at whatever you were trying to do you must learn from your failures so you can grow in whatever area you’re trying to grow in. Keep in mind dwelling on your failures will not help you progress but learning from them will help you progress. What area of your life do you feel you dwell on your failures for too long?

And example for my life is I made two mistakes with the vehicles at my job. The first mistake I made involved one of the doors hitting the pillars at Waste Managment. At my job we shred confidential documents which we intern have to empty the shredder materials out of facility so we can continue doing our job. When I backed into the Area where I am supposed to empty, I realize I was to close on the right-hand side and I couldn’t open the back door fully so I had to make an adjustment. My mistake was I didn’t latch the right-hand door back before driving forward so when I moved forward the right-hand door slab real hard against the pillar would ultimately put a dent in the hinges on the right door side. Keep in mind, this was my first day driving by myself so I was already discourage as an employee. They didn’t make a big deal out of it or anything but I know any driving mistake is it a good mistake. No I learn from my mistake because the reason I even made it is because I decided to go into the smaller area of Waste Managment that does not have a lot of space. We have very large CDL vehicles that require a lot of space at all times. Long story short, The reason I even went to that side to begin with is because the bigger side was taken up by other vehicles were also trying to empty them selves. What I do now since I learned from that mistake is just wait patiently for those other vehicles to empty on the big side because I know I really don’t have enough space on the other side. He list to say, I don’t make mistakes at Waste Managment anymore.

My more recent mistake that I made happened on Monday. Without getting overly into the details of the situation, One of the customers we service requires us to go through a small alley so we have to be very careful on the turn we make because there’s not a lot of room for error. Before I make a turn into the small alley, I get a call from my colleague and answer the phone which was my mistake. Sometimes I answer the phone without even thinking because I am assume I am needed right then and there. When I answered the phone, I got distracted and got to close to one side without even realizing which caused me to slightly scratch the left side of the vehicle. This is my second mistake and under three months of being employed here at my job. That is way too fast of a rate in any case for any vehicle let alone for an employer that expects you to come back with unharmed vehicles. Since I have awareness of myself and what the trucks are now capable of and not capable of, I have even increased my sensitivity two small areas and even regular areas. I don’t take any chances and I make sure I always go slow when necessary. It is my job to do a great job to my own standards and also treat the car like it is my own. That will allow me to be smart behind the wheel and more effective overall.
I enjoy getting better at all things so my mistakes will allow me to be successful. I am deciding to control how I view them and I am going to choose to make them a positive. It is your choice what are you doing mentally with the mistakes you make. None of us are perfect but we can always be better. Thank you for reading and stay tuned for the next blog!


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