Over the past couple weeks what has allowed me to make progress is just focusing on things I know I need to do. During the past couple weeks I have been successfully able to downsize into a smaller apartment, make a small addition into the gym and also get a new personal training client with my personal trainer’s help. I feel that since I recognize what my strengths are during the first year of business and what my weaknesses are during the first year of business I am able to make adjustments and changes accordingly. I am still learning and I do not profess to know everything but I do progress that I am getting better. Long-term economics is something I have grown more passionate about in order to set myself, my family and the business up with a more optimal future. The reality of most things is you need to have some sort of consistent and constant growth so with the acquisition of my new job it allows me to continue to make progress in both personal and business. There are a plethora of different exercise equipment that I have in mind for my small facility that will add value to the gym and my personal training clients as well. Heck, they were even add value to my own personal workouts and work out footage. Some people in my position as a business owner get caught up in looking good and become an a shame that their goals weren’t reach within the first one week, one month, or one year. I have become more interested in the legacy of having a business instead of warring about the my minutia of short-term gains. Everything I do is all about the long-term value. In the beginning, are used to give discounts because I was focused on the short term. Those days are completely over. My value is my value and my price is my price. I know what I want for my gym and taking a step back on my expenses and having a clearer conscience about my decision making is going to allow me to move forward. I’m not super worried about the speed as I am only worried about what I can control. I can control my effort and focus on my mission.  
My mission is the #1 and at this point in my life-anything else is a distraction.


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