After 3 months of working for someone else while also concurrently having a business that I am trying to run and improve I realize that order is one of the most important things I need to consistently have.  I am not talking about anything else besides my current self.  I am definitely making progress in my current life but I definitely can’t get complacent since I highly aware of the long-term goals for my marriage, business and job.  Right now I am trying to be more consistent with content on the social media networks I care about such as Instagram, Facebook, spreaker (podcast) and wordpress.  I do want to get back into YouTube but I hit a dead-end there creatively (there isn’t really anything new I want to discuss of that nature at this time).  I want to be more consistent and have high quality content flowing but the 5 days at my day job are usually so busy that I just get super exhausted and just want to relax, watch a show with my wife and let my body recover.  Some days I have practicum for my TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) but since those are coming to an end, I will be able to move forward with other things I have on my mind.  I would also like to start studying Spanish again but that is proving difficult.  I feel like I have so many goals and so little time but having some sort of method eventually will be ideal in helping my goals progress along in a timely fashion.  The most important goals are tied to finances/business so I must hone in on those by having consistent content.  The only way I will have consistent content is doing business on the weekends and scheduling them out for the week.  I know this and I have known this for awhile but now I must execute on what I know-period.   Being busy or whatever is not going to increase the value of my gym but getting things done and learning from my mistakes will help me become better.

Even after I proofread my blog I realize that I want a lot out of myself and for myself.   I can’t help it-that is just the way I am currently and I see nothing wrong with that for now.

All in All, I am moving forward and I am jotting down my thoughts but I will soon develop a system of consistency that will help me improve.


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