I have recently been inspired by one of my members who is a very consistent lifter. He shows up to the gym about 3 to 4 days per week and he is there about two hours or more each time. I worked out with him about two weeks ago and his energy, enthusiasm, and intensity allowed me to want to lift heavy again. Over the past year or so I really haven’t lifted that heavy. I did have a brief stent where I was swimming and lost some weight because of it but other than that I haven’t been working towards anything competitive. That is going to change soon. Now since I am 50 pounds lighter than when I used to do only powerlifting workouts, I have to factor that in that I won’t be as strong as before but I can still do my very best. It doesn’t really matter what I weigh but what matters is I do my best effort with that time I have available. I used to have time to work out nine hours a week, when I was in school I was working out as much as 15 hours a week. Those days are long gone and now I have responsibilities to my wife, my business, and my overall goals. Be that as it may I have a responsibility to my health. I have created a post work list that involves me doing a certain amount of business stuff every day so I can make sure I am progressing every single day. On that list is also workout times that I know I can be consistent with and also have an impact positively on my body. Due to the demand of the workouts I would like to do, I can only get a few exercises and when I work out since I need rest time for strength exercises. You’ll see footage every time I’m in the gym but most workouts I will only do three different exercises. I have been pretty consistent in my strength to training over the last two weeks and I plan on being consistent forever. I still have probably 15 to 20 pounds before reaching my Weight loss goal and I know strength training and being consistent will help me get there. And going back to strength training has allowed me to revisit why I loved working out in the first place. I love moving heavy weight. It motivates me in the gym more than anything else. The name of the game for me is to balance all of life’s responsibilities while also staying strong and healthy as possible! I know I can do it as long as I am organized and get enough sleep. Each day I focus on winning the day and I know I can win all of my days. I feel now more than ever I have a winning strategy that I can stick with. Thanks for listening guys and stay in tune for the next progress.


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