Weight-loss update 

My current weight is 222 pounds and I probably have about 15 to 20 pounds to go in order for me to reach my long-term goal. It has been a long and slow road to get to this point but I am happy about the progress and I hope to continue to make more progress. What is great about losing weight is that it is the most objective form of fitness goal you can have. When you get on the scale, you know exactly where you stand. What I recently discovered is that the best reward is when your current clothes are now too big for you. I used to be a size 38 for the shorts now I am a size 36 and I can fit some 34 sizes as well depending on the brand. I have never been this small before after the age of 20. I haven’t been this close to 200 pounds in a very long time. This is a good time in my life and now I am going to refocus on doing powerlifting again as well. In order to lose the final 20 pounds roughly I will be doing meal replacements in the evening on non-workout days. This will allow me to drink big smoothies and be fully nourished on low calories. I am thankful that my wife has help me in mill preparation because I am not a good cook nor do I wish to become a good cook. As a sidenote: if you can find a teammate that supports you and what you’re trying to accomplish you will be that much better for it. I will keep you guys posted as I continue to make progress in the gym and physically.
Thanks for reading!


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