Follow your purpose

I feel that when people do their best, or when people strive for excellence, they end up with happiness and fulfillment. When we settle on things we don’t really want, that is when we are trapped in the societal whirlwind of irrelevance.

When I first started at my day job, I wanted to work as many hours as possible in order to get the biggest paycheck I could possibly get. I figured that was the best option for long term success for my family and gym. It didn’t take me long to realize that I was forgetting why I took the job in the first place. The reason I took the job wasn’t to just make money in general but it was to have a consistent investor for my gym. I got caught up in the paycheck amount and lost sight of my purpose.

Nonetheless, over the pass couple weeks I have declined receiving extra hours after work and on weekends because I now completely understand my purpose. Outside of my wife who is my family, the only thing I care about even remotely is my business. I have refocused my actions in this direction. I have completed my second commercial and I am now on consistent terms with my website creator so you are going to see a consistent array of content since I am now locked-in to my purpose. I feel losing track of my calling allows me to be relatable to people who get involved in situations for the wrong reasons. Some people start college, jobs and get involved in relationships for all the wrong reasons. It’s disappointing because some people are “out of reach” to an extent because they may be so grounded in their current life but for you all who want to refocus on what you ACTUALLY want, I challenge you to have all your actions support what you are doing.  

I even got back into serious powerlifting training just to re-ignite my passing for anything gym related or working out related.

My main goals are business related, family related and health related. I don’t have a work/life balance but I do need to balance my main goals in order to be fulfilled.
Having all your actions support one massive goal will be the biggest key to your long-term success!


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