Hello everyone,
I just recently got done with an amazing trip in St. Louis for about three days. We saw St. Louis Cardinals game, went on a river boat for about an hour, and went on the Gateway arch. We did many more things but that was the core of our vacation. We also have a fun time on the last day at what they called city garden which was a place that was quiet in the heart of downtown St. Louis where we could play frisbee and throw football. It was a good time right before we had to check out of our hotel. We also found many vegan restaurants which is not always important for us since we cook at home but since we don’t cook on vacations, we were grateful to find places we could eat.  Seeing this many vegan restaurants not only put a smile on my face but also on my wife’s as we are able to eat places without asking a whole lot of questions about what they put in the food. This also inspired me to increase my own standard of what I’m putting in my own body. As of two days ago, I no longer eat chips of any kind regardless if they are Vegan. Eating chips since I was a young boy has been a weakness of mine, I typically can’t finish a whole bag of anything I enjoy in one setting – I actually prefer to do it that  Going cold turkey will allow me to increase the discipline I have in my life not only in my food choices but in anything I choose that requires immense discipline. I will let you know how this allows me to progress physically, mentally and in my own strength performance.
 What foods do you guys feel you need to give up and why? What do you feel you need to give up in general? If you gave something up, would make your life better? Send me message or leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you, thanks for reading and staying tuned for another blog update next week!


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