The way you feel is a lie

After what I did on Monday, my perspective on how sore I am will be forever changed!

Just to give a little back-story, for pretty much all of 2014 and half of 2015, I was a pretty passionate bodybuilder, I competed in two powerlifting meets, I used to watch all the top power-lifters videos on YouTube, and I constantly researched programming styles.  
One video im particular came back to my head after Monday’s squat workout.  The athlete said in this video….

“The way you feel is a lie”

Now-why am I saying this?

Monday’s workout felt terrible from the beginning and I wasn’t expecting anything amazing at all.

I was physically drained, low on sleep and sore from another workout.  I didn’t make excuses, I just told myself to workout and continue the course.

During this workout, I decided to get every single set filmed just to see how everything looked and all the sets looked infinitely better than they felt!  I was pleased.

Granted-I still felt awful but it was encouraging to know it didn’t look that awful.  This knowledge allowed me to get in the right frame of mind and just take the workout set by set.  Once I did my first squat single of the workout, I didn’t think I had much left to go.  The workout was sets of 2 from 345-365 then singles from 370 until failure.  I figured I would stop around 390 or less but no matter what my thoughts were, I kept adding weight.
At this point you guys probably see where this is going, I worked up to my current pr and set a new one in a day where some wouldn’t even have went in the gym!  
Including my old self.

I am pretty excited to keep progressing in powerlifting.  My current squat is 410lbs at my current body weight.  I definitely want to get back over 500lbs, stay tuned!


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